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Sunday, September 27, 2009


the next pre trial is coming up, on October 2nd to be exact. around this  time I start to get really nervous and easily angry I already have some what of an anger issue which I will admit , and usually I can control it. but around this t ime I have so much going on in my head its hard to keep it in check.
Ive been quitting smoking recently which is very hard because everytime another trial comes up I break it and have one. its probably not the best idea to quit in such a stressful situation but I only smoke on the days of the trials now so at least im improving...
dam I could go for a cigarette right now, anyways he's pleaded not guilty on all acts for the first 2 trials so I don't know whats going to happen in this one, probably the prosecuter will start  releasing the evidence to the court.  I haven't gone to court I want to so that I can say all that happened and help in putting him away. but I don't think they will have me testify unless it is taken to a jury.
I feel a bit stronger knowing that at least the court system is moving along no matter how slowly its moving.

when I find out more ill keep you all updated, thanks for reading I feel good knowing theres people out there who want to listen.



LceeL said...

I'll listen.

My eye keeps going back to that photograph right above this comment box. It's right. REAL men don't rape. I'm embarrassed that I share an organ with those that do.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

That Cobain quote is one of my faves and I hope you don't mind but I may steal the pic that goes with "real men don't rape".

From what I've learned its very standard to plead not guilty as long as possible. But as the evidence piles up and is brought in front of the DA and the Judge things are going to look a bit different and that's when a plea bargain for a lesser sentence may come in.

You're right, you won't be asked to speak unless there is a trial, but you can call the DA's office and ask what's going on and offer to do whatever is needed to help the case.

I like LceeL and his comments, he's a good guy. Keep writing, we DO care what you have to say!