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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dog's Eye View - Everything Falls Apart

right now...

So Its been 2 years since ive had a boyfriend, because those whole 2 years I spent focusing on my life and the trial. When I stopped looking all of a sudden this great guy popped into my life, I was so afraid to tell him about my past in fear that he wouldnt know how to handle it and he wouldnt like me because of it, but i told him and his reaction was all I could ever hope for. he told me that it doesnt change a thing, it just means that ive expierence a different kin dof life, and he said pasts liek that build character which must be why he likes me so much. So the fears I had been having about aguys reaction werent true in the least bit at least not when it came to him. Im just glad my life is being accepted and thing seem to be settling as normal as possible.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Its all over now!!

so the last trial he plead guilty and got 1 year at ocj 5 years probation and life time as a sex offender,
im so glad for this closure to happen right now, its like as soon as a I graduate high school at the end of this month  my whole life is going to be starting over and I cant wait for it.
Thanks to all of you that stuck by me and brought me up when everything else was pushing me down you guys are really what made me get through this.

Just because this is over doesnt mean Im going to stop posting on this blog, because the purpose of this bloh is for people to know that they can survive so ill keep everyone posted on my life from now on.
on that note my mom had her surgery for breast cancer a double masectomy and is doing great!!!

Once again thanks to all especially Barbara I really couldnt have gone through this all with out you youve pretty much renewed my faith in people :)
lots of love!!