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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I just know...

I believe and feel that a positive future can come from the expression of a negative past this is part of the healing process. I just know that there is the possibility of a time in one's life when gratitutde for the wrongs done to us and those we love is in order. this is not to say that I am happy with my losses. I have simply come to a place in my life where I can be thankful for the losses and troubled times I have been through, as well as the love-filled and magical times. the creative process of moving through the expierence of loss, and learning from such expierences, is where the gratitude for life and all experiences come from.

heres a great quote from Dave Navarro that has just been sticking with my thoughts latley VVV
" because if you think that you can affect my life and change it to ultimatley better my future and in turn yours, and then in turn the world, then whta your'e essentially saying is that your'e acting as a god. and i dont believe for a second that your'e acting as a god here on this earth. Be cause to touch my life and change my future is a power I don't believe you have. And if you do have it I dont wantto know anything about it because I want  my path to unfold on its own"- Dave Navarro

Friday, August 20, 2010

just thinking...

I remember when all of this came to light, and it was stressed that I should go see a psychiatrist. I never wanted to I thought to myself I don't need some one dissecting my actions and telling me why I did the things I did, so I never went and saw one. I look back now and I see that for me it was the best choice I could have made it allowed me to see who I was through my own eyes it made me deal with my own problems and caused me to reach out and meet other people that pulled me along through all of this. My thoughts always were a psychologist or psychiatrist can only take you so far the rest of the way you  need to find yourself, so I found that whole way not on my own but with the help of the people that I personally chose. In no way am I saying people shouldn't get help from a psychiatrist for there problems I am just sharing how i personally dealt with my situation and my ptsd, everyone is different but still in some way everyone needs to make the choice to continue their journey at some point on their own.