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Friday, October 2, 2009

today was another "trial"

but it got  postponed again...

thanks so much to Barbara (Layla) for going to be my eyes it ment alot you really are a true friend even though I havent met you in person...

i'll post Barbara's findings and notes on here  so here they are....
VVVthis is the email she sent me about the trialVVV

I wish I had more to tell you on this, it was another one of those quick things before a judge to post-pone it AGAIN. This time to Nov. 13 (I think, maybe 12 - I wrote it down).
I'll just give you the play by play:
I arrive to the courtroom, its huge compared to the one Keven appears in. I find a seat on the side that allows me to be close to the action and to be able to see everyone in the room. I try to pick him out, having only a vague idea of what he looks like. None of the men in their looked like they could be him, one guy was close so I kept watching him but it was not him.
Somehow David slipped in when I was not looking and sat two rows in front of me. I knew it was him because his attorney came up and INTRODUCED himself which means its a NEW attorney....strange but doesn't necessarily mean anything.
Ok, I have to say this: he is very cute and looked VERY YOUNG. There is no way on earth I would have thought he was over 25 tops! He was wearing a brown tweed jacket and beige dress pants.
When his name was called the attorney asked for a coninuance of the pre-trial and that was it. I was so disappointed. BUT...
I followed them out of the courtroom. I got out my cell phone (which was off) and pretended to be listening to voice mails while pacing back and forth about two feet in front of them as they sat on a bench and talked. I couldn't believe I had the guts to do that but I was determined and lots of people step into the hall to use their phone. Unfortunately it was so NOISY I could only pick up a few words and phrases and from that this is what I learned:
They are going to try and plea some sort of mental or psychological problem that caused him to have this behavior to get him off the hook. I know, it made me want to take off my shoe and smack him in the face with the heel end.
I heard him ask "is she calling you?" and assumed he meant you but am not sure. David's voice was much quieter than the lawyer (old guy) so I could not hear anything he said, only one side of the conversation.
I heard the attorney asking him about his counseling appointments and he said something like "i don't like the idea that your seeing a psychologist, a psychiatrist would be better I suggest you get on that right away". I also heard the attorney say "sure, if you want to bring your family with you that always looks good". I am not sure if he meant wife and kids or parents because a few minutes later when the talk was over David's dad and mom came over and introduced themselves to the attorney.
I was dying to follow them as they walked out but that would have been too much cause David started to look nervous that this woman (me) was pacing around in front of him. I did walk down the other set of stairs in hopes of casually running into them again. I will have to wear a disguise next time in case he remembers me as the "lurking woman" (I doubt he will).
I am sorry there is not more to tell but it was a brief conversation and I could only pull out words.

ill continue to keep all of you reading this posted if you are interested
thanks for reading




LceeL said...

Barbara s good people. I'm so glad she can be there for you.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

It a pleasure and honor to do whatever I can. Next time I am wearing a disguise :)