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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Okay I am ready to do this. Get this out there here’s the full story.
It happened when I was 15. It started with my sister being friended on myspace by some guy we didn’t know, but we agreed to meet him around the lake by our house, when we met him my sister and him didn’t really seem to hit it off, but he and I did (probably because I get along with just about everyone) I had called the guy I was seeing at the time who I will for privacy sake call Brian, anyways we all hung out around the lake drinking with me sitting between Brians legs. It got later and my sister and I had to go, A couple of days later I got A friend request from him his name is Dave, Telling me how he had a great time talking to me and how much he liked me, that he was jealous watching Brian and I flirt that day. So then I started seeing Dave, I would sneak out of my house almost every night, he brought me flowers that fist night and that second night we had sex.
We started getting really close after that wed always find a way to talk or see each other, I would ditch school and call him to come and get me. Then he and I would drive around sometimes stopping to hook up or go places like the mall.
Then came Christmas I remember exactly what he gave me a bottle of jack daniels, a zippo, and a nug f weed. All of this kept going on through the months after Christmas, some times he would call me and tell me he was going to stop by my school at lunch and I would meet him and blow off the rest of my classes to take a long lunch ( which never consisted of lunch just of us hooking up) wed have a quickee , and on most days I would get to school early in the morning and meet him in the plaza by my school, we would usually have sex or something of that nature then he would drive me to school usually in time to be a half an hour late to my first class. This went on through Valentines day (which included another exchange of alcohol and cigarettes, along with flowers and a balloon)
Any ways then came March, this was THE month. Dace came to my school at lunch with out calling me to tell me so I had no idea, my friend pointed him out and was like “ Hey isn’t that your boyfriend”. he came over and kissed me then a campus security guard drove up and brought him to the office ( you cant be on campus with out a pass). They questioned him, and my friend and I were hiding down the hall from the office I started crying blaming myself that he was going to get in trouble. Then in my class after lunch some one from the office came and got me she asked me how old I though he was I replied 22 she said well your going to be surprised I asked her what she meant she told me he was 31.
My heart fell in to my stomach and bile rose in my throat. They had me wait in the office and my dad came they had the sheriff call Daves cell phone ( he had been released because they didn’t have anything to keep him for yet) the sheriff told him that I didn’t want to see him again and to stay away from me and that he would personally go after him if he didn’t. after that the told me what they had found out.
He was 31, 31 and married, it turns out he lived about 3 or 4 blocks away from my house in some apartments. The sheriff asked me all the standard questions then let me go home he later came tom my house to pick up my computer to find evidence. The next day at school I had to talk to an investigator I told him everything in even more detail then what I am saying now. In the days to follow we would be updated they broke down his door and arrested him, they found over 40 hard drives in his house ( which led them to believe he was involved in child porn). When they arrested him he waived his right to be silent and told them what ever I said he did he did.
Its more than a year later trials are still going on he’s out at the moment on bail which is a terrifying thought. At the moment he is pleading not guilty to every charge…
Well that’s it that pretty much my story it took so much for me to write this all down, and someday maybe I can share what im going through now at the moment the nightmares and the post traumatic stress, but for now im proud of getting myself this far…


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I love your attitude, I hope others who read your story can see that they do NOT have to be victims, they can be survivors and be strong. Of course, that doesn't prevent the pain, disgust, anger, and all the other feelings that come along with your ordeal....but you've chose to use them to make you stronger rather than wallow in them. I admire that and its a good reminder to me as well. You rock!

As for Dave, he's a scum. Hard to know how many lives he's messed up. I hope he gets to visit our lovely inmate facility and wear one of those attractive gold jumpsuits...the other guys in there will be very interested in showing him how they feel about choice in crimes.

drewzepmeister said...

My God, that is horrible! That Dave guy is a creep! He wouldn't like to meet me in a dark alley.

Carrie, I am proud of you taking the courage to write your story.You are a brave lady!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry this happened to you! I knew Dave's wife, I know she is very embarrassed, she wont even return my email or calls, I dont blame her.
He's an asshole, and after reading this I think so even more. Whats creepy is that the car you say he drove, that car is his wife's car...not his. I'm pretty sure she sold it

Blonde Mafia said...

wow to above its crazy what a small world it is, im really sorry to his wife because I know she must be going through hell just like me. I knew it was his wifes car obviousley after all of this its starnge I know that your for real cause I didnt mention that it was hers in my blog at all so its good to know your for real and not some person making stuff up