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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Questions For You...

hey everyone so this blog is to let everyone know and understand how I deal and cope with all of this shit.

My question for all of you are,
How do you guys deal with your problems and your past what are your coping strategies I'd love to have everyone share there stories and how they cope.

so come on and share!!



Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I am going to think about this and come back, its a good question!

Anonymous said...

I cope with the past by doing exactly what you're doing now - writing/typing it down. But I never look at it again until a long time has passed since I wrote the entry. When I do look back at what I wrote, I see how I was when I wrote it and how I've grown from it. It serves as a reminder that life always goes on and I'm still around and doing my thing, only better. Like, I look at my life now and who I've become (as opposed to who I was when I dealt with Bad Person) and I know I'm far better and stronger than Bad Person was and will ever be. If that makes sense :)

LceeL said...

There are things I would rather forget - everyone has some of those. Having served in Viet Nam, there are a LOT of things I'd rather forget. But I cannot.

I suppose one of the things that saves me is knowing I'm not that person anymore - I am not capable of those things anymore. I don't HAVE to be capable of those things anymore.

I know I'll never forget - so trying is useless. But I know and understand that those things are behind me know - where they can't hurt me any longer.

Did the things I have done (not only Viet Nam sweetie - I am NO saint) change me? I suppose so - because they are part of my experience. I like to think that the person I am, now, is a worthy and likable person - one that knows what NOT to do as well as what should be done - I wouldn't be who and what I am without all the experiences, good AND bad, that are behind me.

Blonde Mafia said...

wow all of you thanks for sharing,
I agree with both of you,
LceeL I know what you mean about how we become who we are from our expierences both good and bad.
thank alot you guys

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Well I have to be honest. I did not deal with my past well for many years. I tried various things to block out the memory, I guess to summarize those things you could say "sex, drugs and rock and roll". It took me years to get out of the pattern to numbing my pain and to allow myself to FEEL and be mad, to grieve my lost innocence, to try and forgive the stuff that happened to me and the hardest part - to forgive myself for all the things.

It was a slow process for me, so I look at you and think "this girl is light years ahead of where most people her age is". You are asking questions and seeking answers when many people would not even realize what questions to ask.

I think I am who I am today partly because of my past - the good, the bad and the ugly. I don't want to stay this way, I want to keep growing till the day I keel over and die :)

Just Be Real said...

Like your blog! I am presently going through my journey of my past through counseling. God has a direct impact to my healing. Thank you dear one for sharing your heart too. Blessings....