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Friday, November 20, 2009

Rape victim bill of rights

found this on a site

the rape victim(survivor) bill of rights

As a Matter of Personal AUTHORITY, You Have the Right ... manage your life according to your own values and judgment direct your recovery, answerable to no one for your goals, effort, or progress gather information to make intelligent decisions about your recovery seek help from a variety of sources, unhindered by demands for exclusivity decline help from anyone without having to justify the decision have faith in your powers of self restoration -- and to seek allies who share it trust allies in healing as much as any adult can trust another, but no more be afraid and to avoid what frightens you decide for yourself whether, when, and where to confront your fear learn by experimenting, that is, to make mistakes.

For the Preservation of Personal BOUNDARIES, You Have the Right ... be touched only with your permission, and only in ways that are comfortable choose to speak or remain silent, about any topic or at any moment choose to accept or decline feedback, suggestions, or interpretations ask for help in healing, without having to accept help with work, play, or love challenge any crossing of your boundaries take appropriate action to end any trespass that does not cease when challenged.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

This is great. I need to get this on my site! I think "Dancing in the Darkness" is going to be a very important site.

(I am going to give you a blog award! I will be posting it on "Needle" blog soon.)

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I left you a blog award:

Blonde Mafia said...

well thank you so much for that!

LceeL said...

It's a shame ... shared by all men ... that there is anyone, anywhere, who can call herself a rape victim. Real men don't rape. Period.

And if you look closely at all of those elements of the Rape Victim Bill Of Rights, each of them was your right all along. That should really be a list of Things Every Young Woman Should Know.

It is truly tragic that you have had to learn these things the hard way. And for that I am sorry. I am ashamed that some low life that shares an organ with me is the one who lead you to these hard lessons. But you know now. Now is the time for you to teach others what you have learned - so that they don't fall victim to the same tragedies that have befallen you.

If you want to, that is. It is, after all, your choice.