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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Book

My mom suggestes i read this book its called Amy and Isabelleby Elizabeth Strout, it was kind of weird it was a book about a girl that went through some of the same stuff i'm going through and about how the mother daughter relationship is completley strained and changed after that, it was really good book, I related to it and Im pretty sure thats why my mom suggested it. I htink she wanted to show me that she doesnt mean to act the way she does but its impossible for relationships not to change after something that big.
its a really good read if your looking for a book in that category others might not like reading about rape situations but its a good book to relate too.
here's an excerpt from the book
 "The real problem, of course, was that she and her mother were together all day. To Amy it seemed as though a black line connected them, nothing bigger than something drawn with a pencil, perhaps, but a line that was always there. Even if one of them left the room, went to the ladies' room or to the water fountain out in the hall, let's say, it didn't matter to the black line; it simply cut through the wall and connected them still. They did the best they could. At least their desks were far apart and didn't face each other."

ooh and trial was postponed to some time in April, pretty far away so who knows what that means. I'll keep all of you readers posted.

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Barbara aka Layla said...

I read this book not long ago!!! It was good. So depressing where they lived and worked, but a good book. I'm glad you liked it.